Sanford Hills High Performance Vinyl Windows
Dramatically Different

This is not just another window. This is not even just another vinyl window. This is a window unlike any window you’ve ever seen. It’s not only different, it’s dramatically different.

We’ve taken our years of experience making wood windows and put them into this truly remarkable window. Combining the traditional historic look of a wood window with the thermal and structural performance of vinyl, the Sanford Hills is truly a breakthrough product.

The look of wood is everywhere… sash members that are a full 1¾" deep, low-profile or completely hidden tilt latches, multiple exterior casing options, standard or historic sill nose options, either ¾" Dual or 1⅛" Triple Insulating Glass Units, with standard low-profile or hidden tilt latches, optional unfinished wood-based interior and multiple grille options.

The beauty of this family of products is only the beginning; the world class structural and thermal performance will blow you away. The Double Hung boasts Performance Grade 50 rating without upgrades, while the Casement boasts Commercial Grade 65. Energy Star 6.0 ratings standard, with U-Factors as low as 0.19 available.

Breakthrough doesn’t begin to do this window justice.