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Spencer Walcott Mathews is regarded as the founding
                                       "brother" of Mathews Brothers. In 1854, as part owner of a sash
                                       and blinds factory in Belfast, Maine, Spencer was joined by his
                                       brother, Noah. The two formed the N.M. and S.W. Mathews Co.
                                       Six years later, younger brother Sanford came aboard and they
                                       changed the name to Mathews & Co. In 1873, The Great Fire of
                                       Belfast destroyed the factory, but the brothers rebuilt and reopened
                                       70 days later under the name Mathews Brothers Company. Spencer
                                       Walcott Mathews was known for his attention to detail and for his
                                       love for his company and community. Today, we apply those same
                                       principles to the product line that proudly bears his name.

            Whatever Your Budget, Whatever Your Style

             Our products were created to stand strong against the elements, and against

             the test of time. The Spencer Walcott Family of vinyl windows and doors, for new

             construction, remodeling or replacement, are specifically designed to meet the

             discerning needs of architects, builders and homeowners, as well as the changing

             needs of the residential building industry. The result is and energy-efficient family

             fenestration products that feature aesthetically integrated window styles, strength

             and durability

             From new construction to remodeling to replacement, the Spencer Walcott windows

             and doors are designed to fit your project plans perfectly. You can count on each one

             to be durable, energy-efficient and secure.

               Cover: Meredith Bay, Laconia, NH, shows Twin and Triple Mull Double Hung with Desert Sand frames with 6/1
               Simulated Divided Lite. This page (background): Gilbert Doughty in front of his delivery truck, circa 1940.
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