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Double-Hung Windows
   Traditional, classic, durable
   — double-hungs give you all
   of that plus energy efficiency
   and peace of mind. Top and
   bottom sash operate smoothly
   allowing you to control air
   flow, and they both tilt-in
   for easy cleaning and care.
   Grilles can be added to further
   enhance the traditional look of
   your home.

   Used singly, or factory mulled with
   transoms or other fixed or hung units to
   add a dramatic accent to your home’s
   appearance, while providing a brighter,
   more open interior.

   Single-Hung Windows
   Our single-hung windows are built with a
   fixed top sash, while the lower sash moves
   up and down to allow ventilation.

   In addition, the bottom sash conveniently
   tilts-in for easy cleaning.

                                               Structural interlock at
                                               meeting rails provides
                                               an additional layer of
                                               protection and weather
                                               resistance.                                 Resource Center

                                                                                          Installation Instructions
                                                                                          Standard House Wrap

                                                                                          Installation Instructions
                                                                                         Integrated Moisture Barrier
         Dual hollows at lift rail add
           strength and insulation     Direct set back bedding bonds glass
                                       to sash, reducing air and water                       Double Hung
                                       infiltration potential
         Water management grooves
         channel moisture away from      Dead air spaces within the                          Double Hung
         insulating glass sealant        frame and sash profiles
                                         further resist energy flow                     Screen Removal/Replacement
          Fin seal weather-stripping                                                         Double Hung
             at sill further reduces                                                           WOCD
                 air infiltration                                                       (Window Opening Control Device)

           Closed cell compression seal at sloped sill   Integral ¾" J-channel is designed into
             resists air and water penetration   frame. (Also available without J-channel.)

      Single Hung/Double Hung                                                
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