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   Standard features
      ƒ ¾" insulating glass with Duralite ®
     warm-edge technology Low-E glass
     and argon gas fill
      ƒ Integral nailing fin [new construction only]
     (Frames come with integral nailing fin
     that can be easily removed for replacement                                                                          Casement Windows
     purposes)                                                                                                           With clean, contemporary architectural lines, casement windows
      ƒ Available with or without ¾" J-channel                                                                           offer 100% opening for maximum ventilation. By extending beyond
      ƒ Fusion-welded frame for added                                                                                    the plane of the wall, casements catch passing breezes and channel
     strength and durability                                                                                             them into the home.
      ƒ White interior and exterior color with
     color matched hardware
      ƒ Pre-sloped sills for water runoff                                                                                Casement & Awnings are our most energy-efficient operating
      ƒ BetterVue  insect screen                                                                                         product unit, featuring ¾" insulating glass and a single lever
     (on operating units)                                                                                                multi-point locking system that keeps the sash tightly sealed in
   Additional features                                                                                                   multiple locations. You’ll be able to open and close your windows
      ƒ Casement sash opens completely ,                                                                                 with ease, thanks to our smooth low gear operator. And, our sashes
     so windows can be cleaned easily                                                                                    open completely (non-egress), so windows can be cleaned easily
     from inside your home                                     [1]                                                       from inside your home. Our top rated hardware system allows even
      ƒ All components are corrosion resistant,   Optional features
                                                    ƒ Desert Sand interior and exterior color
     providing years of trouble-free performance    ƒ Add-on J-channel                                                   the largest casement to be effortlessly and smoothly operated.
      ƒ Multi-Point Locking System for the          ƒ Grilles available as Grilles Between Glass or   Resource Center
     utmost security                               Simulated Divided Lites                        Installation Instructions  A unique feature of our Casement units is the 1-⅜" False Meeting
      ƒ Three layers of weather-stripping           ƒ Exterior trim/casing                         Standard House Wrap   Rail, that emulates the lines of a Double Hung, while giving you the
     ensure effective barrier to air and            ƒ Pediment Head                                                      opening and egress of a Casement.
     water penetration                              ƒ Custom exterior color finishes              Installation Instructions
      ƒ Top rated hardware system allows even       ƒ ¾" Drywall return                          Integrated Moisture Barrier  Awning Windows
     the largest casements to be effortlessly and     ƒ Extension Jambs                                                  An awning window is hinged at the top and opens out from the
     smoothly operated                              ƒ Window Opening Control Device [2]             Casement/Awning
                                                                                                      Operation          bottom allowing in fresh air, while keeping out the rain. Use alone
   1 One pane Low-E glass and one pane clear glass.  1 See pages 14-16 for additional options.                           or in combination with casement, picture, or other awnings.
                                                                                                 (Window Opening Control Device)
   2 Unless egress hinge is used.                2 Not available on Double Horizontal Slide or Awning.

      6                                                                                   WINDOW AND DOOR STYLES                Casement/Awning
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