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              SINGLE/DOUBLE HUNG

               Double-Hung Features

         Patented built-in
          ¾" J-channel is
       recessed into frame
                                     Deep pocketed head
                                     with compression seal
    Heavy gauge vinyl frame
      extrusion for strength
          and durability
                                     Top sash tilts in
                                     for easy cleaning

      Cam lock and keeper
                                     Top & bottom sash interlock
                                     at meeting rails for added   Standard features
     Dual layers of wool pile        security & to minimize air     ƒ ¾" insulating glass with Duralite warm-edge technology/Low-E
         weatherstripping            infiltration            glass /Argon gas fill.
                                                              ƒ Integral nailing fin [new construction only]provides air and water seal
        Bottom sash tilts in         ¾" Insulating glass     around frame. (Frames come with integral nailing fin that can be easily
         for easy cleaning           with Duralite®
                                     warm-edge technology    removed for insert application.)
                                                              ƒ Integral ¾" J-channel speeds installation.
                                     Sloped sill drains
       Integral finger lift on       water away from house    ƒ Fusion-welded frame and sash for added strength.
      the operating sash for                                  ƒ Constant force balance system ensures easy sash operation.
        ease of movement
                                                              ƒ White interior and exterior frame and sash with
                                                             color-matched hardware.
                                                              ƒ Pre-sloped sills for water runoff.
                                                              ƒ BetterVue  insect screen.
                 Single-Hung Features                      Additional features
                                                              ƒ Non-corrosive hardware includes a lifetime of
                                     Patented built-in       trouble-free performance, no matter what the environment.
                                     J-channel is recessed into
                                     frame, eliminating the cost of     ƒ Cam-action lock action draws sashes closer for a tighter positive lock.
                                     an add-on J-channel
                                                              ƒ Integral interlocking meeting rail provides additional security
    Heavy gauge vinyl frame                                Optional features [2]
      extrusion for strength                                  ƒ Desert Sand interior and exterior color with colored matched
           and durability
                                     ¾" Insulating glass     hardware
                                     with Duralite®           ƒ Equal glass size on sash emulate traditional wood appearance.
                                     warm-edge technology
                                                              ƒ Jamb covers for a neater interior appearance.
                                                              ƒ Grilles available as Grilles Between Glass or Simulated Divided Lites
       Cam lock and keeper                                    ƒ J-channel cover
                                     Fixed meeting rail interlocks
                                     with operating sash to     ƒ ¾" Drywall return
                                     minimize air infiltration    ƒ Extension Jambs
                                                              ƒ Window Opening Control Device [3]
        Bottom sash tilts in                                  ƒ Exterior trim/casing
         for easy cleaning                                    ƒ Pediment Head (Rectangles only; not available for radius or polygon)
                                     Sloped sill drains       ƒ Custom exterior color finishes
                                     water away from house
       Integral finger lift on
      the operating sash for
        ease of movement
                                                           1 One pane Low-E glass and one pane clear glass.
                                                           2 See pages 14-15 for additional options.
                                                           3 Not available on Double Horizontal Slide or Awning.

                                                                                          WINDOW AND DOOR STYLES
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