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        Available for new construction

                                                                                   Common Configurations
        The insulated glazing  in our vinyl sliding patio door is constructed      As viewed from exterior
        using warm-edge technology, as well as Low- E tempered safety
        glass with argon gas fill, so it holds up to the weather while allowing
        you to experience the beauty of the great outdoors.

        Constructed from low-maintenance vinyl, the frame and panels are
        welded at the corners during assembly to provide a product supe-
        rior in strength, performance, and appearance. Reinforcement is
        used at the meeting stiles, and at the lock points of the frame and                  Two Panel Door
        panel for added rigidity and strength. The sliding door operates
        smoothly on heavy duty steel tandem rollers.

        Our sliding patio doors come with Truth’s Signature  Series
        premier handle set, with its contoured shape it is both elegant and
        easy to grasp, available as keyed or non-keyed. Handle sets come in
        eight finishes, which helps you customize the look of your door.

        The glide screen is made from heavy extruded aluminum framing,                       Three Panel Door
        fiberglass mesh screening and operates easily on steel rollers.

        Spencer Walcott vinyl sliding patio doors are available as two-,
        three-, or four-panel, in standard and custom sizes; with either left
        or right operating panel. Available with or without grilles.

        1 Qualifies for the ENERGY STAR® label
                                                                                             Four Panel Door

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