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Think Outside the Box                   engineeried lumber with 1-½"        The rugged and sturdy framing
        Windows don’t have to be two            furniture grade head and seat       is tastefully finished on the
        dimensional. Projected units            boards, anchored together by        inside with the rich beauty of a
        dramatically impact the look            solid steel rods.                   1-½" furniture grade, hardwood
        and feel of a home.  Whether                                                veneer plywood. Choose from
        it’s a classic bay or a subtle                                                stain-grade Red Oak or paint-
        bow, projected units add                                                      grade Birch.
        depth and dimension to
        the inside, and a distinctive                                                 Angle bays are available in
        accent to the outside.
                                                                                      a 30° or 45° version, while
        Like all our products, our bay                                                Bows are available in three-,
        and bow windows are made                                                      four-, and five-lite versions.
        by skilled craftsmen, from the                                                Combine fixed, casement
        highest quality materials.                                                    or double-hung windows to
                                                                                      match your existing decor.

        We start with the foundation:
        the framework, which                                                          No matter what you
        has been cut to exact                                                         choose, every detail in the
        specifications using precision          The seat board boasts an            design has been considered;
        CNC technology.                         additional 1" thick insulating      nothing has been overlooked,
                                                panel. This additional layer        ensuring years of trouble-free
        In order to provide strength            reduces energy bills by             performance... and beauty.
        and structural integrity to the         protecting against conductive
        critical mull points, we use            heat transfer, and also reduces
        a combination of structural             condensation.

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