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Available for new construction and replacement applications
              WINDOW CUSTOMIZATION                                              Grille Options

              Distinctive Window Design
              Further that design with a custom or standard grille pattern,
              either with Grilles Between Glass (GBG) or Simulated Divided
              Lites (SDL). By placing a variety of design patterns within the
              glass, GBGs offer an attractive and low maintenance artistic          ¾" Contoured GBG          ⅝" Flat GBG
              option. Traditional window grilles can be replicated by means        (Grilles Between Glass)  (Grilles Between Glass)
              of SDL muntin bars, which are permanently attached to both
              the interior and exterior glass.

              Continue the traditional look with horizontal Pediment Heads
              (also known as Crossheads) added to the outer casings of
              windows. Pediments are often used to provide outstanding
              visual improvement without breaking the bank.                          ⅞" Contoured SDL       ⅝" Contoured SDL

                                                                                   (Simulated Divided Lite)  (Simulated Divided Lite)
              With the many optional exterior paint colors available, you can   Exterior Sill Nose Options
              truly make a unique statement to your home or office.
              Common Grille Configurations

               Colonial    Prairie   Queen      6/1      Ladder     False            Standard Sill Nose      Historic Sill Nose
                                     Anne                         Meeting Rail
              Exterior Trim Options

                  4½" Banded Casing     Brickmould (908) Casing  5/4 x 3½" Flat Casing   Northern Casing
                                                                                       (showing install channel)

              Exterior Paint Options
              Our in-house palette consists of 8 pre-finished exterior colors, with many other colors available.

               Pearl White  Adobe      Gray    Spruce Green  Black     Bronze   Dark Brown  Earth Brown  Barn Red

              Please note that the material colors are not necessarily precise representations due to variance in the printing process.

                                                                                          WINDOW AND DOOR STYLES
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