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Pediment Head Options
                                                                         Duralite  warm-edge spacers =
                                                                         Improved Efficiency
                                                                         Spencer Walcott windows use this superior warm-edge
                                                                         insulating glass sealant system for improved energy ef-
                                                                         ficiency and resistance to condensation, greater
                                                                         comfort, and lower heating and cooling costs.

 ⅝" Flat GBG   Shown w/Standard Frame    Flat Casing shown  Banded Casing shown  The Duralite spacer inside your window’s insulating
 (Grilles Between Glass)  (no exterior casing)                           glass unit can reduce heat transfer and improve the
     Pediment head not available with Brickmould or Northern casing      temperature of your inside window glass. The warmer
                                                                         the glass edge, the less energy lost and the more
                                                                         comfortable you feel near your window. That leads
                                                                         to saving energy, which reduces how much you spend
                                                                         to heat and cool your home. Duralite can also reduce
     Hardware Options                                                    condensation on the glass, keeping off moisture for
                                                                         a clearer view to the outside. Less condensation
        colors & finishes                double-hung
 ⅝" Contoured SDL                                                        and reduced energy costs mean a healthy, more
 (Simulated Divided Lite)
                                                                         comfortable home.
                                                                         The Duralite spacer is a component laminate design
                                                                         that optimizes the use of a number of spacer compo-

           White     Desert Sand                                         nents. All spacers need adhesives, sealants, structural
          (standard)                                                     elements and desiccant to perform. They also need to
                                                                         last a long time under adverse conditions inside your
                                                                         window frame. Duralite is designed to seal your window
       casement and awning                                               better and longer, while increasing energy savings
                                                                         compared to other types of spacers.

          Operator Handle
         (folded and unfolded)                                                  Exterior                       Interior
                                         Locking System

                                                                             When Duralite® non-metallic insulating glass spacers are used,
       patio door - handle sets                                                glass edge is better insulated against energy loss, creating a
                                                                                      higher performance thermal barrier.

                                      White   Desert   Black  Faux Oil
                                     (standard)  Sand       Rubbed
                                                                                               Encapsulated desiccated topcoat
                                                                                               Moisture-resistant bond line adhesive
                                                                                               3-sided non-metallic continuous
                                                                                               moisture barrier
                                      Bright   Antique   Oil   Brushed                         Sightline stiffener for smooth surface
      1.  Interior latch (standard white)
                                      Brass   Brass  Rubbed   Nickle                           Polycarbonate spacer with air pocket
      2. Exterior non-keyed (opt. desert sand)      Bronze                                     design (traps air between corrugation)
      3. Exterior keyed (opt. brushed nickle)  Please note that the material colors are not necessarily precise
                                      representations due to variance in the printing process.

      Window Customization                                                   
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