From time-to-time Mathews Brothers holds contests for no particular reason other than we feel it’s time for a contest. If this is one of those times, you’ll find complete details below. If the section below is blank, then we do not have any contests or promotions currently running.

Let's Go Fishing

Thanks for your interest in participating in our contest. Unfortunately, this contest ended Monday, April 26. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, April 27. Fishing dates are set for May 7 and May 14. Winners will have their choice of dates based on order of finish, 1-6. Thank you all for your participation, and stay tuned for another random contest.

Week #5 - FINAL Cast IS CLOSED

See the rules above. Post your answers in the “Answers to This Week’s Challenge” section of this page (NOT the Drag & Drop box). Good Luck!

Week #5 - Seventh Cast IS CLOSED

Seventh Cast - Inspire Us

See the rules above. Paste the URL (link) to your nominated video in the “Answers to This Week’s Challenge” section of this page (NOT the Drag & Drop box). If your video is posted to our webpage, you’ll be awarded points. Good Luck!

Week #5 - Sixth Cast IS CLOSED

Sixth Cast - Where's MarcianoPut your answers in the notes section of this page. Good luck!

Week #5 - Fifth Cast IS CLOSED!

  1. Find one of our Social Media pages, choose one of the photos labeled “This” or “That”, and save it locally.
  2. Go to and click on the Digital Visualizer.
  3. Upload the photo you chose.
  4. Choose the photo you just uploaded.
  5. Follow the instructions in the brief tutorial. Door height is 6’8”.
  6. Create the best house make-over you can, using the photo you chose.
  7. No account required. When finished, “print” a PDF, and upload it to the submission form.
  8. Roofing and siding layers are active as well. Use them.
  9. Entries will be judged for beauty, creativity and complexity of final image.
  10. Multiple entries allowed.
  11. Each eligible (in the judges’ opinion) makeover is worth a maximum of 25 points. Judges’ decisions final.


  12. Go to and click on the Digital Visualizer.
  13. In the Gallery box, click Get Started.
  14. Choose one of the images there. These have all layers created for you.
  15. Follow the instructions above, starting with #5.

Week #4 - Fourth Cast IS CLOSED

Several weeks ago, we gave a shout-out to another American business that’s nearly as old as we are.


  1. Name the company we applauded.
  2. On which social media site did we mention them?
  3. Name as many similarities as you can between them and Mathews Brothers. (Remember each correct answer is worth TWO points.)


Once you have identified this company, find the post and tag them by typing the following in the Comments box:
Mathews Brothers and @CompanyName Make #WickedAwesomeStuff

Put your answers in the “Notes” section. Good luck!

Week #3 - Third Cast IS CLOSED

Mathews Brothers products are always in high demand, and people all over New England want them for their homes. Some people will go to great lengths and do outrageous things in order to get them.

For one point each:
1. What is the most outrageous “thing” anyone has done for a houseful of Mathews Brothers windows?
2. Name any of the people involved in the “thing” (one point per name).
3. Where on our website would you find documentation of the “thing” in question?

Put your answers in the “Notes” section. Good luck!

Week #2 - Second Cast IS CLOSED

A few years back, the late Patrick Quinn founded “The Ice Bucket Challenge” a very successful fundraising effort to combat ALS.

Mathews Brothers was involved in several of these challenges, all with videos posted somewhere on the web. You can find links to these videos on our website.

For one point each:
Name the correct number of videos.
Name the people involved.

Put your answers in the Notes section. Good luck!

Week #1 - First Cast IS CLOSED

In several places deep in our website, you’ll find the word “Sesquicentenarian”.

For one point, this word would be found under what general  web page? For a bonus point, how many times does it appear?

Please fill out the form to the right, and put your answers in the Notes section. Thanks for playing and good luck!

Let Us Repair to the Seas And Catch Us Some Fish


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