Can” and “should” are two different things. While it is possible to paint vinyl, any paint finish that is not factory applied by us voids your warranty. For complete warranty details, click here: Spencer Walcott Warranty or here: Sanford Hills Warranty.

It’s just three easy steps: First, unlock the window and open it about 6 inches. Next, press the two tilt latches located at the top corners of the lock rail inward, towards the center of the window. Finally, tilt the sash in towards you. The balance shoe will lock in place, preventing the sash from moving any further. To tilt in the top sash, the bottom sash must first be tilted in. After that, follow the same procedure as for the bottom sash.
Alternately, you can watch this video and see how it’s done: Double Hung Operation

Either watch this helpful video: Double Hung Operation, or do the following: Unlock the window by rotating the lock sweep arm about 90 degrees. Raise the sash about 6 inches. Using the same rotating motion continue rotating the lock sweep arms. You will feel some spring loaded resistance. Continue pressing until the tilt latches retract. Tilt the sash in towards you. The balance shoe will lock in place, preventing the sash from moving any further. To tilt in the top sash, the bottom sash must first be tilted in. Pull down the top sash and manually press the corner tilt latches in towards the center of the window. Tilt the sash in.

The optional wood-based interior on our Sanford Hills product line is an extremely high-quality, stain-grade laminate. It can ve finished to amazing depth and texture with any water based stain or paint. Do not use oil based finishes.

Your clue:

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The simple answer is because the humidity level is too high. If not addressed, excessive interior condensation can damage interior walls, as well as lead to dangerous mold growth. The good news is, it’s most likely temporary, as it usually happens in the Autumn when we fire up the furnace for the first time since last Spring. It’s also very common for the first few years on newly-constructed homes, as the concrete cures. We explain this in greater detail in this video: Windows and Condensation.

This normally appears on mornings following a night with a clear sky. The window’s Surface 2 Low-e prevents interior heat from warming up the exterior glass surface (Surface 1). Since water vapor condenses on colder surfaces, you might notice exterior condensation, almost exclusively on energy-efficient windows. Exterior condensation is no cause for concern.

If we made your windows, glass failure is covered by your warranty. In order to resolve this for you, please fill our the Service Request form, and our Customer Care representatives will follow up with you quickly.

Depending on the moisture barrier you’re using, this will vary. Please follow manufacturer’s recommendation regarding proper tape, so long as it’s compatible with vinyl window frames.

More detailed information can be found here: Spencer Walcott, or here: Sanford Hills. Scroll down to “Installation Guidelines”.

Any commercial flexible caulking that is compatible with vinyl window frames is acceptable.

Any minimally-expanding foam with low pressure build, that remains flexible after curing, is acceptable.

Mathews Brothers products carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty, including 5 years for labor. Complete details can be found here: Spencer Walcott Warranty, or here: Sanford Hills Warranty.

No, you do not need to register your windows with us. All the details of your window were saved at our factory at the time of production. We have placed identifying labels on your window, in case you should ever need service. You can see where we put these labels by clicking on this link: Request Service, and scrolling down.

Lead time is dependent on a number of factors, but can be obtained directly from our local dealers. Once an order is confirmed, we acknowledge with a confirmed ship date. Unless something out or our control happens, this ship date is reliable.

It’s best to start with the lumberyard who supplied your windows. They will need to know the nature of the problem, and will advise you regarding a solution. If it’s a factory defect, they will also want to know the production number of the window in question, which you can find here: Service Request.

Sorry, but Mathews Brothers only sells through distribution, via a network of better lumberyards and window professionals throughout New England and Long Island (NY). You can find the dealers closest to you by using this tool: Dealer Locator.

Yes, and not only do we meet Energy Star 6.0, but we do so without having to resort to ‘S4’ (Roomside) Low-e glazing. Many window manufacturers are unable to meet these current stringent requirements, so they’ve had to introduce a second layer of Low-e glass in order to achieve a U-Factor of 0.27. The problem with S4 glazing is that the second layer of Low-e darkens the room noticeably, reduces solar heat gain and increases interior condensation to dangerous levels. To learn more about Energy Star 6.0, click here: Energy Star. To learn more about the potential dangers of windows with S4 Glazing, read our short explanation, S4 Glazing, What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You. Printable or Viewable.

All of our wicked awesome windows and doors are Maine Made, either in our factory in Belfast, Maine, or in our new factory in Hermon, Maine. If you’re interested in joining our company, we offer competitive wages, a generous benefits program and a friendly and supportive work environment. To speak with us about this, you can start by filling our our pre-employment questionnaire here: Join Us.

Mathews Brothers sells only through distribution via a network of better lumberyards and window professionals throughout New England and Long Island (NY). You can find the dealers closest to you here: Dealer Locator.

We offer two distinct product families, our Spencer Walcott family, and our Sanford Hills family. Additionally, we manufacture the Hancock Classics family exclusively for Hancock Lumber, to their specifications.

Mathews Brothers is America’s oldest window manufacturer. We have been making windows continually since 1854, in Belfast, Maine. We have produced a couple videos regarding our history, which you can view by clicking these links: Mileposts, Points of Impact or Remarkable.

The window frames themselves can be cleaned with soap and water. The glass surfaces can be cleaned with any typical glass cleaner, but glass surfaces should not be cleaned with chemicals when they are hot to the touch. Instructions for tilting in your sash for cleaning can be found here: Double Hung operation, Horizontal Slider operation, Casement/Awning operation.

Sadly, no. In 2005, after 160 years of making our iconic wood sash, putty-glazed by hand, we produced our last wood product. Watch our homage to those 160 years here: Hearts and Hands.

We told you not to ask us that.

Both our product lines are available in solid White or solid Adobe exterior and interior. Our Spencer Walcott family is available in nine optional exterior colors. Our Sanford Hills family is available in eight optional exterior colors, and two optional interior finishes: black, and stain-grade wood-based laminate.

Every product we manufacture carries on it a label that contains a number, unique to that window or door. That number is registered in our computers at the start of the ordering process, and follows it through its life in the factory. It contains every manufacturing detail of your window or door, so anything you might possibly need in the future, we’d be able to identify in an instant. Click the link to find the location of your production labels, and while you’re there, why not take a photo, so that decades from now when you need that number, you’ll have it at your fingertips. Click here: Warranty Label, and scroll down.

No, we do not manufacture any hinged doors.

There are a number of notable differences between the Spencer Walcott and the Sanford Hills brands. While both boast outstanding thermal and structural performance number, and are among the highest performing windows in their class, the Sanford Hills is a notably more robust product. We have created a reference chart so you can see at a glance their differences, and also a place to put in the values for another brand you might be considering. You can see that here: Brand Comparator.

For a Spencer Walcott (Hancock Classics) Double Hung, click here: Double Hung Screen. For a Spencer Walcott (Hancock Classics) Horizontal Slider, click here: Horizontal Slider Screen.

Very favorably. While both materials have their benefits, vinyl is the material of choice for about 70% of the residential market, compared to about 20% for wood and about 5% for fiberglass. We have produced a matrix of properties for all window framing material, including vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiberglass and composite. You can see that document here: Frame Properties.

To quote E.F. Hutton, “The old fashioned way… we earn it.” Unlike many other window manufacturers, we refuse to use S4 glazing to achieve Energy Star 6.0 rating. We still use a single layer, S4 Low-e insulating glass unit, to provide the clearest view possible, with high Visible Light Transmittance, Solar Heat Gain and most importantly, low Condensation Resistance. To learn more about the potential dangers of windows with S4 Glazing, read our short explanation, S4 Glazing, What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You. Printable or Viewable.

That would be hardly be possible, but think of him as Caruso’s tenor, wrapped in Jonathan Winter’s wit, inside Michelangelo‚Äôs David. That’s pretty close.

Yes, they can. You can see how in this video: WOCD Installation.

BuildAwindoW is Mathews Brothers proprietary software for configuring any of the products we make, and is only available through one of our authorized dealers.

Through this tool, you can change specifications of your window to your exact requirements, including size, color of frame, sash and casings (if any), glazing and a host of other options.

Once completed, you’ll know exact cost and complete NFRC thermal values.


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