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To truly understand what it means to be “wicked awesome” in every aspect of your business, you must first understand what it means to be “Maine Made”. Remarkable.

When used to say, “Manufacturing Windows Since 1854”, but came to realize that 1854 is just a number. This is how old  we are. Mileposts.

Every contact you, your company and your product has is a point of impact. Here are the perspectives of some of our customers, and their customers. Points of Impact.

What happens when a fan of The Howie Carr Show becomes a fan of Mathews Brothers, and is building a wedding barn in Norway, Maine? Magic.

Visit Granite Ridge Estate.


An historic restoration three years in the making. Silas Peirce Restoration.

Spencer, MA was the location for these 14 foot tall windows, built to within a quarter-inch of the opening (on both sides), for a wicked awesome installation. First Congregational Church.


Built in 1695, the John Rouse House presented unique challenges in its restoration. John Rouse House Restoration

Back in 2014, Howie Carr was 100 pounds heavier (as was Governor LePage), before we were even a sponsor of the Howie Carr Show, Howie was the keynote speaker at the ribbon cutting of The Hawthorne Center. We discussed this on-air the following Monday. Howie Carr.


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