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Change is inevitable, necessary and frequently difficult, especially when it involves something that has come to define you. But companies that resist change often find themselves being fondly remembered as “that company that used to…” Hearts and Hands.

Founded in 1854 is just a number, until you stop to consider… Mileposts.

Build in the late-1700s, this once grand home had fallen into disrepair and near ruin, until Frank Snow purchased it and began its nearly three year (on and off) transformation. Frank chose (our now discontinued) Noah Merrill windows. Silas Peirce Restoration.

Building more than a couple decades old present their own set of problems when considering replacing windows. These problems are compounded when the building is a century and a half old. Then, they’re further compounded when the windows are very large. Imagine replacing windows that are around 42″ wide by 168″ tall (that’s 3.5′ x 14′) in a church that’s 150 years old! What could possibly go wrong? Ron Keddy discusses his experience using “Spencer Walcott” windows for this project. First Congregational Church.

Historic restorations present a multitude of problems to the remodeling contractor. Square, level and plumb are conditions rarely encountered in these “labors of love”. Scott Harrington discusses some of these challenges as he describes his experience using Mathews Brothers “Noah Merrill” windows in a vintage New England home. John Rouse Restoration Project


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